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Frupta Tropicana (200g)

Frupta Tropicana (200g)

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RBR presents to you a New Mexican bean from the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, a beautiful mountain range that crosses El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras that is spotted with huge volcanos.

We enjoy this balanced, sweet and fruity cup with the usual hand brew methods.

Overall notes:  Pineapples, Guava, Cashew Nuts and Brown Sugar, Balanced

Roast level:          Light to Medium

Brew Methods: Very versatile, good with all brew methods, especially bright and balanced on pour over and filter, floral for espresso.

Origin Name: Mexico Finca Santa Teresa Bourbon Natural
Farm: Finca Santa Teresa
Processing: Natural
1,200m to 1,800 above sea level
Town / City:
El Triunfo
Region: Sierra Madre de Chiapas